My DJ - Crossfade for iPhone
My DJ is the BEST way to listen to music on your iPhone!

My DJ is the app that creates a continuous stream of your own music on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Looking for a way to play your own music with crossfade? My DJ lets you do that - and more!

How My DJ Works

  • By default, My DJ will shuffle through your library, smoothly crossfading between each song. Want more of a "DJ" experience? Adjust the Song Play Time setting, and My DJ will randomly play parts of each song, crossfading along the way.
  • There are so many ways to use My DJ! At any time, if you decide to continue listening to the entire current song, just tap the "Full Song" button. My DJ can be used in this way to scan through your own songs audibly, much like one would scan through the stations of a radio then stop to listen to a whole song!

You'll have a musical blast discovering the different ways to use My DJ!

Download My DJ for FREE from iTunes here or search for "My DJ" in the App Store!

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Extra Features in My DJ:
  • Restart Song button
  • Adjustable crossfade
  • Retina display support
  • Choose which songs or playlists to play
  • Works with Multitasking Media Control buttons
  • Update your friends on Facebook and Twitter
There are too many features to list here. . . Download My DJ for FREE today!


Help make My DJ better! Your feedback is highly valued. All emails are read, and we try to reply directly to as many as possible. Email the developer at

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